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Here are some examples of things your work with a doula might include. End-of-Life planning and support are very individualized and will vary from one person to the next, based on needs, preferences, and wishes. Planning, guidance, and assistance for end-of-life, 11th-hour vigil state, and post-mortem wishes.

Legacy Planning

Choose customized legacy plans and projects to ensure loved ones are able to keep those that have passed close to their hearts with lasting rituals or momentos.


Assistance with communicating your needs and wishes with your doctor and healthcare team and empowering your choices regarding your own care.

11th Hour Vigil Planning

Guidance and support to set intentions and bring what you envision to the days and hours prior to death. You may also opt to have doula present for vigil to support caregivers and loved ones in an intensely emotional time.


Assistance in communicating the complexities of a new or chronic illness or diagnosis via communication with your healthcare provider. Education and guidance with next steps and what to expect.

Energy Work

Coming soon - Energy work will soon be available for healing and clearing blocks in the energy body of the dying, as well as for family and caregivers.

Diving Deeper

Completion of Life Review, guidance in self reflection, assistance in identifying and processing barriers to healthy grief and acceptance.

All services are provided in the patient home, unless otherwise specified. Accommodations may be made if an individual chooses to have doula present in nursing facility or hospital. 

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